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A Jamaican Business Owner’s Fight To Survive: It’s the System, Stupid

We rejoin the saga of business owner David, whose trucking company was facing serious challenges. On the verge of giving up on his entrepreneurial dream, David found a glimmer of hope for the way forward in a book about business success and resolved to keep on fighting.

“Ping!” The familiar notification sound roused David from his reverie. Absent-mindedly, he glanced over at the phone message, his finger poised above the delete button. He expected it to be another annoying advertisement from the mobile provider which constantly interrupted his train of thought.

Seeing the words ‘Free business workshop’, David snapped to full attention and put down the receivables report which he had been reviewing. The holidays were coming and he had to get some of this outstanding money into the bank if he were to pay Christmas bonuses this year.

The seminar looked intriguing, as it promised to reveal steps that a business could take to improve its results. Looking in his calendar, David noted that he had an important meeting with a potential client on the same date. “I can’t afford to lose money sitting down in a training session,” he thought. Continue reading A Jamaican Business Owner’s Fight To Survive: It’s the System, Stupid

Dealing With Your Taxes

Tax Administration Jamaica (TAJ) has been very active in informing self-employed persons and business owners about filing tax returns and paying taxes. As the tax deadline date of March 15 approaches, it’s important for these individuals to pay close attention to tax matters relevant to them.

With the stresses of running a business, entrepreneurs may sometimes neglect to follow all the tax requirements, which can be costly if they have to pay penalties and interest from late returns. It is critical for them to seek advice and update themselves on their obligations to the tax authorities.

Self-employed persons, who were formerly employed to an organisation which deducted all their taxes for them, may also be a little uncertain about all the steps required to keep them tax compliant. They, too, have a lot to lose if they fall afoul of the tax administration’s regulations.

If you are self-employed or if you earned money outside of your regular pay cheque during 2014, then you may have to submit some information to Tax Administration Jamaica and pay taxes on your earnings. Let’s take a look at some pertinent tax considerations that will apply to you. Continue reading Dealing With Your Taxes

The Stress-free Way to Pay Your Taxes

It’s tax time in Jamaica, and many business owners and self-employed persons are putting things in place to fulfill their annual tax obligations. March 15 is the deadline for these persons to file several tax returns and remit payments to Tax Administration Jamaica (TAJ).

For those who follow proper accounting practices in their business operations, this annual tax period may not bring on too much anxiety. Once business people keep their records up to date with simple bookkeeping systems, giving the Government its due should not be an problem.

However, for the large number of entrepreneurs who fail to utilise basic accounting procedures, tax time will definitely present a major headache. The last thing business owners need is the threat of having the tax authorities investigating their operations! Continue reading The Stress-free Way to Pay Your Taxes