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Money Lessons from the Animal Kingdom

Recently, a reader commented that a lack of discipline was one of the primary reasons many people were not successful in their personal and financial goals. He noted that most animals, unlike many humans, were disciplined in their everyday habits, which resulted in a sense of order and efficiency in nature.

I thought about the many wild animals that exhibit very civilised attitudes towards carrying out their purposes. Although human beings might be more developed than other creatures, there are many valuable lessons that we can learn from them. Let’s examine some animal behaviours that can teach us important truths about the achievement of financial goals.

Envision A Better Life Like A Caterpillar

I believe that it would probably be easy for the lowly caterpillar to despair as it crawls along the pathways of life. Inching along at a painfully slow pace as it tries to eke out a living, dodging the threats of extermination from humans who despise its very existence. Why should a caterpillar dare to dream of a better life? Continue reading Money Lessons from the Animal Kingdom