Cherryl’s Story

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Hi! I’m Cherryl Hanson Simpson, an author, money coach and entrepreneur, and I live in Jamaica, West Indies. This blog showcases all my articles about money.

For many years, I was a financial mess – I had never saved, I was in debt, and I was generally clueless about how money worked.

Then I had the great fortune to be employed at one of the largest financial institutions in Jamaica. I recognized that I was advising many clients who were more successful with money than I was, so I started a journey to improve my financial situation.

After reading dozens of self-help books, surfing financial sites on the web, and listening to money gurus on TV, I discovered that there are several principles that can help you to be successful with money.

My financial fortunes improved dramatically once I began to apply and practice all the great advice I had received.

I learned how to manage my money when I started to budget, save, decrease my debt and set goals. Then my money started to multiply once I tried my hand at investing and creating income from several sources. Finally, I instituted several steps to maintain my money to accumulate and preserve wealth for the future.

When I realised that all these financial principles really worked, I decided to share my experiences with others. I wanted to give people an opportunity to learn in a simple, practical way, how they too, can change their financial picture from failure to success.

I started Financially S.M.A.R.T. Services (S.M.A.R.T. is a business school acronym that’s used in setting goals) to share this financial knowledge with all who desire to improve their finances.

The mission of FSS is to produce and market innovative, interactive and independent educational solutions which will empower persons to learn about money, solve their financial problems and attain personal enrichment and financial freedom.